Pure and Powerful Chiropractic Conference

This weekend Jeff and I attended the Pure & Powerful Chiropractic Conference in Toronto. It was wonderful. I gained much insight from listening to all the speakers. Participating in such an event, plus speaking and showcasing my work - I feel that I have found my true calling. I am honoured and excited by the possibilities that are presenting themselves to me. I look forward to becoming more involved and growing in my ability to motivate and inspire others to be connected to Innate.

I am fortunate to be blessed with a unique insight into the Chiropractic profession. My husband is a Chiropractor and I fill in sometimes as an assistant at his clinic. Together we have attended many Chiropractic seminars. I know that chiropractors need to inspire, more than educate. Many doctors create a pseudo medical environment and fill their clinics with amusing educational and concept posters. Often the posters and brochures highlight the benefits of wellness care versus symptom relief. This approach may be useful at times.
However, posters and brochures alone won’t do the trick. A Chiropractor must above all else, do one thing to build his/he/their practice – INSPIRE. For when patients are inspired, when they have faith, confidence and belief in you – they don’t need to know or understand what you do. It is not within a patient’s ability to describe the five components of a Subluxation Complex. So what do they say to their friends that results in the referral of a new patient?
It is how they FEEL about the doctor, the staff, the care and the clinic environment. Artwork sets the tone and contributes to all of these aspect in a clinic for the doctor, the staff staff and the patients. For example, I don’t care about how my car works – I just want to trust my mechanic to take good care of me and fix it!

The minute that patients arrive at the clinic the healing starts to occur. When a doctor has healing art in his/her clinic, it serves both them and their patients. Healing Art inspires them to let innate flow – to be connected to the source of all healing. And it opens their patients to the healing.
Chiropractic is changing. Patients are changing. Patients used to just accept what their physicians would tell them. Now they question before accepting recommendations. They also educate themselves by doing research on the internet.

It is difficult to get people to come out to attend special appointments and health talks. They are tired and busy and suffering from information overload. The bottom line is that patients come to a Chiropractor to fix their problem. They need them to inspire them and give them hope and relief and create an environmental sanctuary from their stressful life. Does an office full of Educational posters create a soothing healing environment? Does the doctor want to spend the rest of their working career surrounded by beauty or Pinched Nerve Posters? Patients don’t buy the message, they buy the messenger! Surround the Messenger with what is inspiring to them and the messenger is more inspirational.

As a Chiropractor, Chiropractic Assistant or Chiropractic Spouse, the three most important things about your day are:
You must be inspired in order to inspire.
You must, through your inspired words personally communicate the benefits and value of chiropractic care while being congruent with the message. (Posters ALONE do not inspire action they educate.)
And thirdly, you must be on purpose in order to get the desired results.
Again, concept posters provide revelation, education and entertainment.

How many times do you think a patient will observe a concept poster before they tune it out?
Would you hang one in your own home?
When you visit your dentist do you want to see posters of dentures and people flossing their teeth – or would you prefer to be surrounded by beautiful art and soothing music?
I go to my dentist because he has skilled hands, pleasant staff, a confident, reassuring manner and I feel safe and cared for.
Whenever I am in a healing environment I want to see what inspires the healer - art work that reflects his or her heart, soul and values. It must be warm and authentic and best of all, original!


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