Success at "The Gallery of Art" at Bayview Village Shopping Centre, Toronto

This past week I enjoyed meeting new art lovers, publishers and gallery directors. It was great to see many of my collectors, who dropped by to visit and see my new paintings. I admit however, to being exhausted from the long days of sitting in a mall, presenting my work to all and sundry. Paying your dues requires stamina, determination and an unwavering faith in your work. Thank you to those who plied me with lattes and words of good cheer. I appreciate all the compliments on my paintings and words of encouragement. It was great to learn more about the business ups and downs from other artists as well. On Saturday I celebrated my birthday by handing out cupcakes to all my fellow artists and friends working in the stores. Here are a few photos of my booth.There's not much time available to recharge my batteries. Tomorrow I fly to Italy for the show "Magic, The Magic Paths of Art" being held by Trevisan Arte at the Estense Castle in Ferrara, Italy. The adventure continues - stay tuned for more!


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