Pow Wow at Curve Lake

On Saturday, Septembe 16, 2006 Jeff and I went to the Pow Wow at Curve Lake Reserve. It was wonderful - such beautiful, healing energy. I had a chance to observe a shaman dressed in magnificent traditional rainment, who left the dance circle to make his way up through the crowd of onlookers to give a blessing to a very ill woman. It was a powerful moment and many nearby were moved to tears. - Not something you witness every day. The weather was great and we managed to arrive just in time for the opening ceremonies. I love the costumes, the drums and the singing. This year I even tried my "foot" at some of the dancing. There is so much symbolism in everything. Every time you place your foot in a dance step you are supposed to touch your toe down first to awaken the Great Creator and summon her to the circle.


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